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10 Ways to Grow your BFCM Sales with Personalization

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Black Friday Sales 2021

Did you know that Black Friday 2020 secured global online sales deals worth $14.13 billion? That is  HUGE! 

The countdown to Black Friday 2021 has begun and it is very likely that online sales will grow bigger this year! So, what are your plans? 

At Argoid, we believe that personalization is the key to a smart marketing strategy. More so because, 36% of customers seek a personalized experience for retail shopping. This holiday season, leveraging personalization can be a great option for eCommerce stores to boost their Black Friday profits. 

In this article, we’ll help you with some tried and tested personalization strategies that could take your Black Friday marketing strategy to the next level. 

What is Black Friday and Why does it Matter? 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday 2021 is on the 26th of November. This day marks the beginning of the long holiday season for  US consumers. Initially, retailers held a one-day Black Friday sales event, both online and offline. Later, Black Friday sales were extended to a four-day sales session, continuing until Cyber Monday. 

Both online and offline stores offer crazy discounts and deals during this four-day shopping extravaganza. If you look at the global online sales trend since 2018, you’ll observe how Black Friday profits have increased significantly every year. For example, in 2018, overall online sales deals reached $6.2 billion. It was a record in itself. However, the very next year, Black Friday online sales crossed a whopping  $7.4 billion!  

Black Friday Sales 2020
Source: Semrush

So, we recommend that eCommerce stores seize this massive opportunity and break all records for this year’s Black Friday sales. Now you may ask, “How”? We’ll tell you that in the next section. 

10 Strategies to Boost eCommerce sales for Black Friday 2021 with Personalization

How  can you make the most of personalization to blast your Black Friday revenue records? Let’s dive right in! 

1. Create a Strategic Plan for Black November 

Many retailers prefer to start early. For them the entire month of November is dedicated to Black Friday sales. That’s why many eCommerce stores call the entire month “Black November”. If you’re also planning to start your promotions early, take note of the dates - 25th November (Thanksgiving Day), 26th November (Black Friday) and 29th October (Cyber Monday)

Do you have an American customer base? Then, memorize these dates right now. 

Also, starting early promotions is a smarter approach. If you “leak” your sales deals late October or early November, you’ll give your customers some extra time to evaluate and plan their purchases. 

So, how about starting with a comprehensive sales plan for Black Friday 2021? Here are a few deets: 

  • Plan a Black Friday campaign consisting of lots of customized special deals, countdown timers and convey these deals to your customers through email, social media posts, and ads. 
  • Create a 360-degree promotional plan and target all of your communication channels simultaneously. Don’t restrict your promotional campaigns to a single platform. Stay equally active through social media, email and websites. 
  • Engage with influencers. They can create a lot of buzz through their strong social media follower-base. Remember, 64% of marketers still consider word-of-mouth as an effective marketing strategy.  

2. Add Personalized Recommendation widgets 

Online shoppers are not always on a buying spree. Often, they simply browse through different stores. But Black Friday is different. It is the beginning of a holiday season and the majority of customers are in the mood for shopping! So, as an eCommerce store owner, you need to make the most of this opportunity. 

But the question is how. Shoppers often tend to become confused with the many choices available. Believe it or not, 46% of shoppers have failed to complete their online purchases only because there were too many options to choose from. If you don’t want to lose customers to choice paralysis, you must take personalization seriously. 

A great way to address this issue is through personalized recommendations. You can use an AI-driven recommendation engine like Argoid to create customized pop-up recommendations and widgets. That way you can simply save your customers’ time and help them make prompt purchase decisions.  

 Personalized recommendation widget 
Source: Argoid

You could even add personalization across all the major customer touchpoints with a recommendation engine. For example, use personalized product cards to create quick access to deals and discounts.  

3. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday 

Most eCommerce stores now extend  Black Friday sales to Cyber Monday. That means you get four consecutive days to maximize your Black Friday profits. So, it is a smart idea to plan for a four-day sales period packed with attractive deals. But then again, focus more on Black Friday 2021 deals. It is more popular and comes with greater chances of driving sales. Afterward, you can promote the Cyber Monday deals through the weekend. 

4. Prepare Personalized Emails 

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you gain the potential to earn $42. That’s definitely massive. So, make the most of email marketing this holiday season.. 

However, the emails you compose for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 2021, have to be personalized. Otherwise, they won’t add any value to your target customers. Here’re a few tips to plan a personalized email marketing campaign: 

  • Start getting in touch with your existing customers. Offer them special discounts via emails. In fact, target those who have purchased from your store within the last 30 days. They still have fresh memories of your store and you can leverage it to re-engage them for Black Friday sales. Creating a separate email list for these customers is a great idea. 
  • You cannot forget potential customers, can you? Start sending emails to these customers with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You can also add specific product recommendations of items with clickable images. That way, these prospects will directly go to your store with one simple click.  
Black Friday sales emails
Source: Shopify

  • Take care of your email subject lines and preview text. Make them customer-centric. Also, keeping your subject lines and preview text brief and crisp is the best way. 
  • Showcasing the top selling products through your promotional emails is also a great idea. Many shoppers want to know what others are buying or what is trending at the moment. By highlighting the most popular items, you can answer their questions and create a sense of urgency.

5. Offer Free Gifts with Every Purchase 

Want to make your Black Friday sales deals even more appealing? Start offering free gifts on every purchase. The free gifts don’t have to be expensive. Even free shipping on all purchases will do. But, make sure you offer something extra. This is a nice gesture and a smart tactic to attract customers. 

Free gifts on Black Friday 2021
Source: Oberlo 

You can see how Disney Store has highlighted the free gift on their homepage. The huge homepage banner  maximizes visibility. You can even personalize this offer to “Free shipping on purchases over $200.” But when it is a massive sales season, offering free shipping on every purchase can do wonders. 

6. Arrange personalized VIP discounts 

Taking special care of your VIP customers is always a good idea. Make sure that you have some special offers kept aside only for these loyal, VIP customers who purchase from your store frequently and actively participate in the loyalty programs. 

These are your star customers and taking extra care of them will only benefit you in the long run. Use an AI-enabled recommendation engine that can make apt product predictions for VIP customers based on relevance and their past purchases. 

VIP offers for Black Friday sales 
Source: SleekNote 

Now, VIP offers can be of several types. Here’re some ideas that you can try: 

  • Early access to the Black Friday 2021 sales deals 
  • Extended access to the Cyber Monday deals 2021
  • Higher percentage of discounts (Example: For regular customers 30% whereas for VIP customers, Flat 50%) 

You can spice up your VIP discounts some more to keep the loyal customers hooked. 

7. Your eCommerce store should be mobile-ready 

Did you know that 79% of online shoppers use mobile to complete their purchases? So, when you’re developing a Black Friday marketing strategy, don’t forget to consider this stat. Your eCommerce store must be mobile-ready before the Black Friday sales start. In fact, Google is also very strict about the mobile-friendliness of sites. It penalizes sites that are not focused toward creating an unmatched mobile experience. 

Here are some quick tips to ensure that your eCommerce store is mobile-friendly: 

  • Make sure that your store has a clear layout with easy navigation options 
  • Make your CTAs as specific as possible. Also, make them bold so that customers can read easily
  • Compress images and ensure that your store pages are loading faster 
  • Add customer service channels to ensure personalized customer experience 
  • Don’t add unnecessary pop-ups. They can annoy your customers. 
  • Develop an eCommerce mobile app for improved experience 

Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly? Use this test to find out. 

8. Use Tools and apps to customize your Black Friday sales campaign

You can hardly get through eCommerce Black Friday sales without a set of personalization tools. There are many such tools that will simplify the Black Friday sales campaign. Here’re a few suggestions from us: 

9. Personalize your Error 404 pages 

Black Friday Sales 2021 is going to be epic. Chances are that your eCommerce store traffic will double during the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend. And the risk of getting Error 404 is almost inevitable. A smart way to handle this is to turn your Error 404 pages into personalized recommendation pages. 

Didn’t get it? Let me explain! 

With so much store traffic, you can hardly avoid the Error 404 page. So, make sure that even though customers reach this page, they don’t leave your store completely. Turn the Error 404 page into a sales driver by adding little touches of personalization. 

Error 404 page personalization 
Source: Sleeknote

See how Beauty Bay has added personalized product recommendations in their Error 404 page? This is less annoying to customers, and improves their chances of returning to the store.. 

10. Offer crazy last-minute sales deals 

Last-minute extended sales deals always hit differently! There is no hard-written rule that you can only run your Black Friday sales campaign until Cyber Monday. You can easily extend it further depending on your customers’ purchase behavior. In fact, this will surprise your customers and help you stay ahead of your competitors. But then again, the extended sales deal should be strategic. You can’t just extend the offers for a week, right? Create urgency to make the extended discounts work. 

Make the most of Black Friday Sales 2021 with Argoid’s Recommendations 

Personalization is an integral factor for a successful sales campaign. If you want to boost your Black Friday profits, a hyper-personalized recommendation system like Argoid is a must. Here’s how Argoid simplifies your Black Friday marketing strategy: 

  • It offers 1:1 personalization of all your customer touchpoints 
  • It ensures that the store's pages are personalized for each customer 
  • It saves the users’ time on never ending product searches 
  • It helps you keep customers notified through personalized push notifications, text messages and emails
  • It improves online sales and conversions along with the best personalized user experience

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