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5 Epic Black Friday Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

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Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 is here, and we see great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals dropping from all major brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. Black Friday being the most epic shopping day of the year. However, with so much happening in this period, you might overlook essential strategies that could maximize profit. And, one wrong move on this critical shopping day can affect your budget for the rest of the year

Here is a list of mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Not Leveraging  Personalization

According to Accenture, about 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. Companies usually spend large budgets generating relevant traffic to their website during Black Friday, but they do not focus enough  on personalization.

Product Recommendation statistics 2020

According to Infosys research, 59% of consumers who have experienced personalization believe it influences purchase decisions. Using customer data and prior actions, such as purchases, clicks, and visits, you can tailor personalized recommendations for individual users according to their intent. 

Tailored product recommendations for Black Friday

Help the customer feel connected to your brand and products, ignoring personalization for Black Friday and Cyber Monday can cost you.

You can leverage personalization by:

  • Implementing Cross/Up-Sell product recommendations
  • Sending Black Friday themed personalized emails to the target audience
  • Creating a special Landing Page for Black Friday discounts
  • Customize your website with personalized widgets, recommendation ribbons etc.

2. Not making your websites mobile-friendly

70% of shoppers are using mobile devices for online purchases. Consumers expect the mobile experience to be good, if not better, than the desktop experience. You need to provide your visitors with a quick, responsive, and optimized site for Black Friday. According to Adobe, smartphones were one of the biggest drivers of online sales last holiday season, with 57% of online shopping traffic coming from mobile. Most of the search queries for Black Friday also happen via smartphones. And missing it could directly affect your conversion rates on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Traffic of online shopping 

To make your website more mobile-friendly, you can :

  • Add attractive call-to-action buttons
  • Use a responsive website template 
  • Make the checkout process easy

3. Not paying attention to cart abandonment

During Black Friday 2020, the online cart abandonment rate was nearly 78%, Globally. Cart abandonment is a big challenge for the e-commerce industry. A shopper can abandon the cart for many reasons, including confusion about products, not getting the expected discount or postponing the purchase. Once the cart is abandoned, it is challenging for brands to get the customer back in order to complete the transaction.

Ignoring this is a big mistake. You need to analyze why shoppers have second thoughts and abandon their carts. You can use customer data to send reminders in the form of emails and text messages to customers with abandoned carts and request them to return and complete the purchase. In the reminder, you can also display similar products to increase the likelihood of upselling or cross-selling.


Abandonment rate statistics

When cart abandonment happens, you can:

  • Use customer data to analyze the reason for cart abandonment. 
  •  Send personalized notifications and reminders in the form of emails 
  • Send text messages / push notifications to customers with abandoned carts 
  • Use a recommendation engine like Argoid to reduce cart abandonment rate.

  4. Limiting your Black Friday promotions to discounts only

Today, over 90% of U.S. shoppers look for deals before making an online purchase, especially during the holiday season. Most eCommerce brands assume that discounts are the only way to target customers on Black Friday. But, there are many other deals that can bring better business through the door.

. Users expect diversity in sales, some prefer free shipping while others personalized discounts. 


Black Friday promotions via BOGO sale

You can try one of these ideas for better promotions:

  • BOGO Sales

Buy one get one, or BOGO sales is one of the best ways to attract customers who want to get the most for their money. BOGO sales can be of many types: buy one get one free, or get one half off deal and many more.

  • Free Shipping

Shipping fee is a significant reason for customers to abandon their purchases. Offering customers free shipping on your Black Friday discounts and offers will help you garner more purchases.

  • Free Gifts with Purchase

A gift will convince the customers that they will be receiving more than what they paid for. A free gift can be a small item like a bag accessories. Vouchers and coupons, referrals, loyalty bonuses, VIP offers are some of the other promotional offers you can provide.

5. Targeting the Wrong Customers

You may create great campaigns, but if it reaches an audience who doesn't care or relate to it,  there is no point. Research audience segments and understand user intent behind buying products from your brand and competing brands.

To reach the right people, you need to:

  • Identify your target market and draw a detailed picture of your audience segments
  • Make ad copy, social media posts, email, and other content related to your target audience.
  • Update your target audience data regularly so that your campaigns are super targeted. 
  • Use an AI personalization engine like Argoid that can identify a user's intent and recommend the right product

FAQ’s on Black Friday Mistakes

Why is Cyber Monday equally essential?

A three days after Black Friday, Cyber Monday offers another bonanza day of deals, although the discounts primarily appear online rather than in stores. So if you’re panicking about missing a Black Friday deal, just wait for Monday to roll back your deals again and you can get back your potential customers on Cyber Monday.

What is the biggest mistake eCommerce marketers make on Black Friday?

This is one of the biggest mistakes ecommerce companies make. You have to always anticipate the number of visitors that might come to your site so that you can prepare your system to handle all of that traffic. If you do not handle it properly, you are under the risk of your website crashing.

It's a wrap!

The holiday shopping season presents the single most significant opportunity of the year, so avoid mistakes and outperform your competitors. Discover Argoid's personalized AI- recommendation engine for tailored recommendations to boost your sales and get the best out of your holiday campaigns.

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