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Earth Day Marketing: How to Stand Up for the Planet

Preethy Ann Kochummen
Senior Director Marketing & PR
Earth Day marketing ideas
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Environmental and climate change awareness is constantly emphasized in Earth Day marketing strategies. The earth’s 52nd Earth Day is on April 22nd, 2022. Businesses across the globe participate in digital events and activities, and seek to incorporate all of their consumers and clients.

Climate activists and activists celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about global warming, oil spills, deforestation, pollution, and the dumping of hazardous waste. Some people also battle tooth and nail to promote animal welfare and avoid animal and plant extinction.

It's also a significant marketing event on the calendar each year. Sure, it's not Christmas or the Fourth of July. Still, marketers have discovered that educating customers about Earth Day-related incentives is an effective method to gain earned publicity and communicate socially beneficial, ecologically favorable ideas to customers.

The shifting customer perspective is demonstrated by data from Skimlinks (a Taboola-owned firm).

Earth Day marketing facts

5 Stellar Earth Day Marketing Strategies for Shopify Stores

Here are a few unique Earth Day marketing strategies that Shopify stores can try out: 

Collaborate with Sustainable Brands

Blueland, an eco-friendly cleaning brand, teamed up with data artist Mona Chalabi to release a limited-edition series of hand soap dispensers last year.

They teased the release a few weeks ahead of time, with the subject line "Hi there, something new is dropping shortly..." and the opportunity to join the countdown to ensure they didn't miss the drop.

Blueland Earth Day collab email example

They sent out another email with the big reveal once the collection was available. The cute collection included a limited-edition hand soap smell and conveyed a tale about animals affected by pollution and climate change. In addition to introducing the items, Blueland made a point of informing clients that they were limited edition and would sell out quickly. 

Suppose you're planning an email campaign for Earth Day.  Provide a discount or reward or simply convey a word of support. A generic 20% off or free delivery coupon isn't really useful. You might, however, spotlight a product or an array of sustainable or environmentally friendly items and then contribute the earnings to a charitable organization.

Another option is to donate time or resources to local causes like park cleanups and document your efforts in an email sent on or around April 22. This offers other advantages: It humanizes your efforts by including the faces of your staff in your emails, and it holds you accountable to your consumers for completing what you said you would do.

Leverage personalization

If you want to connect with your consumers on Earth Day, avoid a generic message about protecting the environment. Make it clear why your message is important to them and the environment, and make that the cornerstone of your Earth day campaign.

Customers might be able to utilize your items to show their support for the environment. Perhaps they require suggestions on how to assist in their own localities. Take the initiative and provide two or three recommendations in an email. The demographics of your target audience or customer profiles might assist you in deciding which route to pursue.

To be most successful for this year's Earth Day marketing, focus on activities that would employ your products, such as how to recycle your containers or shipping materials.

Showing people how simple it is to include a new and sustainable activity in their everyday routines is one method to encourage them to become more environmentally conscious. Care/of, a subscription vitamin business accomplishes just that in this email, including easy-to-follow advice for building a compost pile on which customers may put their vitamin packets. 


A great way to leverage personalization is through an 1:1 product recommendation engine. It can help you leverage customer data to display tailor-made recommendations that shoppers will find hard to pass up.

Don’t Hesitate to Stand Up for What You Believe In

The only way to convey a good sustainability story is to believe it. Things go awry when businesses cease telling stories and instead focus on pushing out sustainability themes — greenwashing, pushing material out instead of drawing the audience in, and not sounding like themselves.

To tell tales that connect with customers, you must first understand who your customers are: who they are, what they value, what they're talking about, and how you might capture their attention.

To get people to pay attention to your message, one thing you must do is establish your voice. Your voice distinguishes you. The manner you interact with your audience will determine whether you make an emotional and enduring connection with them.

We probably all check the Google homepage at least once a day to see what's new. I think Google Doodle is a great method to remind folks about important dates. Here's what they've got for Earth Day 2021:

Promote Your Earth Day Deals on Social Media

Consumers care about how brands address environmental and social issues, so brands that get it right can reap the rewards. According to recent data from social media management software company Sprout Social, brands that make smart connections with consumers through corporate responsibility campaigns can move the needle.

Environmental concerns are a socio-political topic that businesses should talk about to connect with people on social, according to the statistics, and 81 percent of consumers believe there is an opportune moment for brands to address environmental issues.

Social media is an important tool to get your message out for your Earth day campaign and engage with customers. This helps to build customer trust and increase your overall reach. Social media should be leveraged to tell your story to a wider audience and how you are playing your part in protecting the Earth. For Shopify, stores promoting earth-day-specific deals and offers are also a great way to gain new customers and engage with your existing customers. 

Encouraging clients to actively participate with your social media platforms is a terrific approach to grow your audience and get in front of new potential customers without putting in a lot of extra effort. Offering a contribution, discount, or points for social sharing is an effective approach to bringing your company in front of fresh eyes.

Budweiser Canada says:

"Even though we can’t celebrate with our friends this year, we can still raise one for our beautiful planet." Budweiser Canada also introduced their new can via social media posts. Raise a glass to our beautiful earth. When you're done, though, don't dump it in the water; instead, put it in the recycling bin!


Encourage Customers to Recycle and Repurpose

Incentivizing your customers to recycle and repurpose sends a good message for your Earth day campaign. More and more people are becoming aware and conscious of the issues of the environment. They also know that everyone must play a role if we are to recover. So incentivizing your customers for recycling and repurposing can be a great initiative to keep brand loyalty and make sure that you as a business care about the environment.

But make sure that you follow the same principles and align your business ideals with sustainability. Customers will usually figure out when brands try to fake their way into Earth Day marketing campaigns.

Hyundai created the #DarkSelfieChallenge, which encourages individuals to turn out all lights and take a picture. They've also collaborated on a series of documentaries on the environment with K-pop group BTS. The first came out on February 21st.



3 Earth Day Campaigns that will Inspire every Shopify Store 

An Earth Day marketing campaign can make or break your reputation in the market. Here are a few brands that stood out in the past with their exceptional Earth Day campaigns. You can take some inspiration from them: 

TenTree Women

Tentree, a Canadian apparel business, posted one of the most-liked Instagram pictures in history for Earth Week 2019, garnering over 15 million likes and assisting the firm in spreading its objective to plant more trees.

TenTree Women

Because TenTree is a sustainable apparel brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased, Earth Week is a big deal for them.

It has always made a special effort to raise awareness about critical environmental concerns in past years. It focused on the harm caused by single-use plastics in 2018 and is intended to raise awareness about tree planting in 2019.

The crew began brainstorming ideas for Earth Week in January, three months before the event. They tossed around a few concepts before settling on The World's Most Sustainable Post after much deliberation. The idea was simple: TenTree would plant trees in Indonesia, dependent on how many likes a social media post received.

TenTree generates roughly 80,000 to 100,000 likes on each of its Instagram photos, a long cry from the campaign's objective of 5 million likes. The team couldn't just publish the piece and hope it went viral if they wanted to reach that aim. They needed a method.

TenTree devised a plan that included influencer marketing, press relations, archiving all other Instagram posts for more emphasis, and conveying a simple story to the audience for their earth day promotions. This made it easier for them to connect with their audience.

TenTree also set out to assist its new audience in connecting with its cause by publishing extra postings on the campaign's environmental effect.

My Green Mattress

Last Earth Day, My Green Mattress, a family-owned and run company recognized for inexpensive, organically certified, and sustainable sleep goods, is proud to announce its partnership with 1 Percent For The Planet. My Green Mattress has pledged to donate 1% of all Earth Day sales to environmental groups striving to make the world a better place for everyone.

Save up to $175 on Organic Certified Mattresses this Earth Day

My Green Mattress is providing 15% off their full line of organic sleep solutions, from the Emily baby mattress for the nursery to king-size mattresses for the master bedroom, to commemorate the new product introduction in conjunction with the Earth Day Sale. The deal also includes organic cushions, waterproof protectors, and soft toppers. The Earth Day Specials will take place from April 17 through April 23, 2020.

The Control Union has certified all materials and processes in the family-owned My Green Mattress manufacturing as organic as of 2019. GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool obtained in the United States, and GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex and coconut are among the organic ingredients used.


This American business, founded in 2007 by a mother-daughter team, makes reusable bags out of recycled ripstop nylon with unique and colorful patterns. These BAGGUs are a must-have for us when we're on the run! They're extremely adaptable and durable, carrying everything from groceries to exercise gear.

BAGGU - Our Annual Earth Day Sale is Here 🌏

BAGGU takes it a step further with their Earth Day campaign by contributing ten cents for every reusable bag sold to the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to protecting and preserving seas and beaches.

Finally, BAGGU's Earth Day newsletter offers a link to learn more about the organization's sustainability activities.

Final Thoughts

Earth Day will be celebrated by nearly 1 billion people on April 22. Some customers may participate in environmental demonstrations, while others will plant trees or take time to appreciate the lovely earth we all share.

Although not everyone considers Earth Day to be a significant event, it does provide advertisers and publishers with a unique chance to produce relevant and relatable marketing campaigns that appeal to niche groups and drive revenue. For Shopify stores, Earth day campaigns can bring in new customers and engage existing customers if done right. 

You may also contact one of our experts to discuss how you can effectively take your Earth Day initiatives to the next level with personalization. 

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