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Is International Women's Day the Next Big eCommerce occasion?

Team Argoid
IWD eCommerce ideas
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International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This occasion is all about celebrating women’s achievements, be it social, economic, cultural, or political. 

IWD was first introduced in 1911 and more than a century later, eCommerce stores are finally stepping up on this occasion to celebrate women and their preferences worldwide. 

The theme of IWD 2023 is #EmbraceEquity. eCommerce stores can make it big celebrating IWD 2023 with the right set of strategies and ideas. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons behind the emerging popularity of IWD as an eCommerce occasion and discuss some innovative IWD campaigns by brands. 

So, let’s get started. 

3 Reasons why eCommerce Stores should make the most of International Women’s Day 2023 

International Women’s Day is slowly becoming a popular occasion for eCommerce stores. As of 2018, 72% of global online shoppers are women. Clearly, eCommerce stores should not miss out on such an opportunity to engage large numbers of female shoppers and attract male shoppers to buy for the women in their lives. 

Here are the three major reasons why eCommerce stores should include International Women’s Day as a part of their marketing calendar: 

It is about breaking the gender-based stereotypes 

International Women’s Day is all about breaking all the biases and stereotypes that women have been carrying year after year. As an eCommerce store, it could be your chance to build a credible brand image that encourages gender equality and breaks all the stereotypes. 

Take some inspiration from Mothercare: 

Mothercare campaign

Mothercare’s “Body Proud Mums” campaign encouraged all new mums to move on from the body image and gender stereotypes. This exceptional women empowerment campaign motivated them to be their real selves, stay confident and unfiltered with their postpartum bodies. 

It is about supporting women-owned businesses 

International Women’s Day is the perfect time for online retailers to support more women-owned businesses. Did you know that 45% of small businesses are women-owned, yet female entrepreneurs receive only 15% of venture capital funding? 

 If you are running an e-retail business, it is high time that you collaborate with women-owned small businesses and help them with a platform to reach out to more potential customers. Many women-owned small businesses in the US are becoming popular.      

Some of these include - Drifter Organics, Out Dôrz, Ace & Jig, Gloss Game, and so on. 

Pro-tip - Want to make these collaborations impactful? You can always make an update on social media about your partnership with a women-owned small businesses. On the occasion of Women’s Day, such brand announcements can provide your brand with much traction. Plus, this can be a great way to enhance your brand presence and project yourself as a brand that supports equal opportunity for women founders. 

It is about making your female customers feel special 

eCommerce stores should make it a point to make their female customers feel special on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Arranging International Women’s Day sales, discounts, special deals, etc. will make your female customers feel valued. 

personalized Women's Day offers

eCommerce stores can also add a touch of personalization to make International Women’s Day deals even more special. Using a personalized recommendation engine like Argoid that helps eCommerce stores develop personalized suggestions, up-sell/cross-sell recommendations, personalized email recommendations, personalized push notifications, etc. to build an outstanding customer experience for their female customers.   

3 International Women’s Day Campaigns that Left us Awestruck! 

Some brands killed it with their IWD campaigns in the last few years and left us amazed. Have a look: 


Did you know that women do 3X more domestic work than men worldwide? This situation worsened during the pandemic. IKEA’s Fifty-Fifty campaign was based on equality. This brand came up with a unique and exciting digital card game to help couples balance their domestic responsibilities. 

IKEA campaign


Adidas’ IWD campaign called “Watch us Move” was a game-changer. Adidas tried to shed some light on the fact that, in sports, factors like body type, gender, and some pre-defined beauty standards don’t matter. Adidas tried to establish that our society should also take a similar approach through this campaign with its focus on this. 

“We need to close the gender gap and build more equity in sport. The Council of Europe reports that 45% of men play sports once a week while only 37% of women do. Looking globally at the adidas Running and Training apps, we see a similar gender gap, with women comprising 42% of the adidas Running app and 33% of the adidas Training app. But we also see countries where sport participation is a majority of women, so we know we can improve with the right content and community. Watch Us Move is a powerful initiative to help more women step forward and feel empowered to express themselves through sport.” - Scott Dunlap, CEO and General Manager of Adidas Runtastic

Adidas’ women empowerment campaign also says that society should develop an unbiased approach towards women and recognize their hard work, stamina, and willpower. 

Sweaty Betty 

Sweaty Betty, a popular women’s activewear brand has been putting efforts into empowering women and creating a community-wide impact. They recently launched a limited-edition activewear collection and 100% of the profit from this collection was donated for the welfare of women. 

Closing Thoughts 

IWD is a great occasion to celebrate women all over the world and encourage them to achieve more. Most women have their share of struggles and hustles, and when eCommerce stores acknowledge those, it adds the human touch. 

eCommerce stores can and should leverage International Women’s Day and other such emerging days to add the touch of personalization and make these offers even more engaging. 

Argoid’s eCommerce personalization software can help you add personalized recommendations to your store and engage women, customers, during IWD. 

And, if you are a woman-founded or woman-led Shopify business,  why not get in touch with us. We’d love to partner with you.

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