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7 Last Minute Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

Preethy Ann Kochummen
Senior Director Marketing & PR
Mother's Day marketing ideas
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3 min

 Mother's Day is approaching, and with it comes an avalanche of gift ideas. With new social commerce features, and as we hopefully near the conclusion of the worldwide pandemic, things may be different this time, but the foundation of the special day remains the same — 48 percent of people purchase for Mother's Day in the week coming up to the celebration.

According to the National Retail Federation's most recent survey, the average predicted Mother's Day expenditure per person is increasing year after year, peaking at $220 last year.

If you're still looking for ways to include Mother's Day in your marketing plan, we've put up a list of seven innovative ideas to help you entice last-minute buyers with some efficient Mother's day marketing.

7 Last-minute Mother’s Day eCommerce Marketing Ideas 

Are you all set with your Mother’s Day promotion plans? Well, here are some last-minute ideas that can help you out: 

Create a Mother’s Day email series

While speaking with empathy is a tactic that businesses are incorporating into many, if not all, of their marketing initiatives, Mother's Day is an occasion that you may want to treat with extra caution.

Mother's Day may be a joyful and loving occasion in some cases. It might be unpleasant or disturbing in certain cases. You may build your content with a customer-first approach by realizing that Mother's Day isn't a one-message-fits-all celebration. An opt-out Mother's Day email campaign is a terrific place to start. It's straightforward and sympathetic, and it gives your consumers the power of choice.

Example: Bloom & Wild, received such a positive reaction from their initial Mother's Day email opt-out campaign, they're doing it again this year. On their eCommerce website, they also give an opt-out option. Customers now have another method to inform the company that they do not wish to receive reminders of Mother’s Day deals.   


Create a page dedicated to Mother’s Day shopping

Even if it's not directly tied to the occasion, you might be able to position anything as a Mother's Day present. Creating a separate page dedicated just to Mother's Day shopping is a terrific approach to aid customers in navigating your online business. All your Mother's Day Marketing should lead to this page to ensure maximum conversion. 

Having a separate page simplifies things for visitors who are specifically seeking Mother's Day presents on the website. It can also be useful for converting regular visitors into Mother's Day shoppers.

Example: The Body Shop has handpicked gift ideas for the selfless mother, the new mother, and the hardworking mother. Alternatively, you might categorize your present options according to their cost: Presents for less than $20, and gifts for less than $50.

Hosting giveaways 

Hosting giveaways is one of the most viable Mother's day promotion ideas. A giveaway is a one-time campaign in which you give away a reward to one or more lucky participants based on a set of guidelines.

Make your reward extremely useful if you want your clients to join and build excitement around your company immediately before Mother's Day. Consider making your most popular product, or a collection of items, available as a present for any mother.

Furthermore, your giveaway should be simple to enter.

Example: Forever 21 posted a series of Instagram posts on their Mother's Day giveaway, including details on the prizes and how to win. In addition, the brand shared an Instagram post directing fans to the sign-up page.

Promote your special Mother’s Day deals

If you want to create an effect with a themed campaign, remember to keep your social media accounts active. Promote your Mother's Day gift ideas and special deals with eye-catching pictures. Ask your audience about their Mother's Day plans to engage them.

To keep your clients informed about special deals, send them push notifications. Just be cautious how often you send notifications—the more you send in a day, the less interaction you'll get over time.

There are several push notification options available. Creating an engagement plan will be a lot easier after you've chosen the perfect one for you.

Example: Swatch leveraged social media to promote their Mother’s day gift ideas and special offers with eye-catching visuals.

Create interesting Mother’s Day content

As marketers, we understand the need to provide extra value to customers. One method to achieve this is to provide helpful material surrounding Mother's Day that isn't sales-oriented.

Keep in mind that not everyone will purchase a present from your online store. Don't dismiss those kinds of customers. Why not use educational information to motivate them to make this great day even better?

Share dessert ideas, how to write a poem for mom, how to prepare the table for supper, and how to clean the home while mom is relaxing with them. Be inventive. 

Personalize the product pages of your eCommerce website

Personalization is the key driving factor behind the increasing conversion of your eCommerce store. Contrary to traditional stores where seller can interact with customers understand their requirements and help them select the ideal product, online stores don’t really have that benefit. But it does not mean that eCommerce stores would miss out on sales opportunities. 

A great way to liberate customers and help them select the best products is through product page personalization. eCommerce stores can use a recommendation engine like Argoid to add tailored and specific product recommendations that customers can’t resist. There can be several types of recommendations like Trending products, Recommended for you, You may also like, and so on. These recommendation widgets can help the customers to select the best-fit products and ensure purchase completion. 

You can make the most of this Mother’s Day with personalization. 



Run influencer marketing for Mother's Day 

Last year, 86% of businesses engaged in influencer marketing, with a 92 percent success rate, according to a Linqia survey.

Incorporate influencers into your Mother's Day marketing strategy. In order to promote your brand or specific goods in your store, reach out to influencers. Begin by deciding on the type of cooperation you'd like to conduct and the items you'd like to promote.

Example: To advertise its next-day delivery service, Next executed an influencer marketing campaign. The firm opted to market this service again during its Mother's Day promotion, which prompted additional people to sign up for the service.

Affiliate marketing on Mother's Day

Closing Thoughts

Mother's Day is only a few days away, and we believe that most of your store preps are already done. However, it won’t hurt making some last-minute tweaks to your Mother’s Day marketing plan, right? Especially when these small changes can drive big results. We hope these tips can fast-forward your Mother’s Day marketing efforts. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to expand your online shop. Make the most of this terrific chance.

Also, if personalization is at the top of your mind, connect with us at Argoid to explore it further. 

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