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Personalized Shopping Experience For Your Shopify Store - Where To Start?

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Shopify store personalization
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Shopify has emerged as the go-to platform for eCommerce brands today. Don't believe us? Consider the following statistics:

  • It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, with a 23% market share in the U.S.
  • There were 457 million buyers on Shopify in 2020.
  • Finally, Shopify platform powered 20% of all eCommerce websites in 2020, as per Statista.

Clearly, optimizing your Shopify platform can work wonders for your eCommerce brand and open a world of endless personalization possibilities. Considering that most Shopify sellers are first-time entrepreneurs, according to the Wall Street Journal, having a few hyper-personalized recommendation tricks up your sleeve can help. 

In this blog, we will look at the top-4 strategies you can leverage to boost your customer's Shopify platform experience.

Top-4  Shopify Store Strategies to Personalize the Shopping Experience 

1. Home page personalized recommendations

Personalization stands at the core of every eCommerce website--especially when it comes to websites that are active on the Shopify platform. One surefire way in which you can customize your website home page and cater to targeted customers is by segmenting your offerings into specific buckets, as Swarovski does:

Home page recommendation
Image Source

2. Search by product attributes

Shopify platform empowers brands by providing a powerful search app that offers instant suggestions, personalized recommendations, autocorrect abilities, and useful product filters with the search feature. You can easily integrate this functionality with the original search feature:

product attriutes
Image Source

By 'suggesting' relevant options to the customers, you can expect a more seamless and convenient user experience.  

3. Search results based on user behavior and preferences

In addition to the search feature mentioned above, Shopify platform provides additional search plug-ins that can provide a hyper-personalized and relevant shopping experience, personalized product recommendations ultimately boosting the Shopify conversion rate, average order value, and the bottom line.

For example, it offers search-based functionalities that can preempt user needs and determine user behavior. As the search results become more and more relevant, your bounce rates will lower, and the customers will keep coming back to the platform. 

Take, for example, Argoid's AI-powered search feature offers the following capabilities:

  • Read the user behavior--even if the words are misspelled
  • Offer relevant synonyms for the search feature results (for example, blouse for shirt)
  • Provide results when the user types in singular phrases such as 'woman shoes' (as opposed to women's shoes)
  • Provide search analytics capabilities to understand the most popular searches, searches with high-click through, searches with no results, and so on
  • Analyze search patterns based on user needs and on-site user behavior

4. Add to cart and similar product recommendations

Brands should focus on driving hyper-personalized recommendations for customers today--to the extent that no two customers should be seeing the 'same' recommendations as they log onto the website. 

How can this be done?

By using an AI-driven recommendation system that allows brands to provide personalized recommendations at every touchpoint in the customer's journey. Take, for instance, 'Similar products' recommendation feature, which enables eCommerce brands to provide similar and relevant product recommendations on the product details page, without having the customer move back-and-forth between product and listing pages to make a purchase. 

Personalize your Shopify Store with Argoid 

Argoid’s Shopify App empowers you to personalized recommendation with any number of ribbons across the Home Page, Product Page, Collection Page, and Cart Page. 

Shopify store

With our DIY(Do-it-yourself) app, you can create multiple recommendations through varied options like ribbon style, fonts, color, provision to add/remove “add to cart”, “buy now buttons” etc. 

Shopify store

User-created ribbons can be installed on any themes available on Shopify and preview 

Closing Thoughts

The eCommerce sector is forecast to hit $4.89 trillion by 2021-–boasting of an almost 400% jump in the last seven years. In other words, eCommerce brands that are active on Shopify need to focus on delivering a hyper-personalized experience and personalization tactics via AI-powered recommendation system such as Argoid. This can ultimately bring forth long-term goals such as increased brand loyalty and enhanced user happiness. 

So if you're looking out for a holistic eCommerce AI-driven app that comes power-packed with a host of personalization features that will be a perfect fit for your Shopify store, we'd love to cater to your needs. Click here to book a demo

FAQ's on personalized shopping experience for your Shopify Store

Can customers personalize designs on Shopify?

Shopify gives customers the power to personalize different designs on Shopify. Customers are given the opportunity to add custom text, images, clipart and more. They are also shown the personalized preview of pages by which they get an idea how would their design look.

How does the Shopify search app work?

Shopify platform empowers brands by providing a powerful search app that offers  suggestions,  recommendations, autocorrect abilities, and useful product filters with the search feature. You can easily use this functionality with the original search feature.

How can an AI-recommendation system help in personalizing your Shopify Store?

By using an AI-driven recommendation system Shopify brands can provide personalized recommendations at every touchpoint in the customer's journey. Like for instance,  'Similar products' recommendation , which enables eCommerce brands to provide relevant product recommendations on the Shopify product page.

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