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Who Use Shopify - 50 Biggest Companies

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eCommerce has gone through a major transformation. Hundreds of online stores are being built every day to grow their business.

The rise of multiple eCommerce platforms is the reason for this global transformation. Shopify is one of those platforms which took over the eCommerce market like a storm. 

Shopify is a fast-growing, subscription-based eCommerce platform to build online stores easily. Despite being an emerging platform, Shopify stood head-to-head with popular eCommerce platforms.  And has earned incredible credibility among eCommerce owners. 

Who uses Shopify? This is something we get asked a lot. People understand Shopify is a great platform. But they’re skeptical about its flexibility and capacity. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it; once you see the biggest companies that use Shopify, you’ll know its reputation.

So, do you want to know the biggest websites that use Shopify? We have compiled a list of brands that use Shopify, so you’ll know it's not just a platform for startups. Dive into this article to see the 50 biggest companies that use Shopify. 

Why Do Brands Use Shopify?

Brick and Mortar stores are not getting the traction they used to. Right after the pandemic, brands have shifted their focus to the next big thing: eCommerce. 

Having a retail business without an online presence is not a smart practice. So, brands turned their attention to Shopify. Here’s why,

  • Shopify has powered more than 4 million eCommerce websites.
  • Shopify brands can sell products through multiple sales channels and marketplaces. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon are some examples.
  • Getting started with Shopify is pretty easy and you can build and launch a store in a quick time. No other eCommerce platform offers this flexibility.
  • Shopify holds around 10% of the global eCommerce market.
  • Shopify has its own range of apps. They let store owners add various functionalities to their stores.
  • It supports various payment gateways, making purchasing easier for your customers.
  • No other eCommerce platform offers mobile responsiveness like Shopify.

But the most special aspect of Shopify is that it can be useful for both startups and large companies. It is affordable enough for startups. And also has enough eCommerce features to house a larger business. 

And this is why there are hundreds of big companies that use Shopify. The next section will list 50 of those Shopify brands. 

50+ Biggest Companies That Use Shopify

As we said, Shopify is not just a platform for startups. These are some of the biggest companies that use Shopify.

1. Heinz


Kraft Heinz is one of the biggest and most popular food and barrage brands in the world. With a market value of $46.7 billion, it is the third-largest food company in North America. You cannot find a retail store without Heinz products. That's how popular it is and when the pandemic hit, they build a DTC online store on Shopify Plus.  And made it easy for their customers to purchase their products in the luxury of their homes.

2. Gymshark


Gymshark is a Fitness apparel dropshipping store with a marketing value of $1.3 billion. It took over the UK and the world like a storm considering the fact that it started in a garage. They've established a massive community with over 5 million social media followers. Their Magento eCommerce website crashed during a Black Friday sale event. They moved their eCommerce platform to Shopify to meet the growing demand. 

3. Redbull


Redbull is one of the most popular energy drink brands in the world. But you can find the brand everywhere from sports, racing, and extreme sports to apparels. In 2015, Redbull built its eCommerce store on Shopify to sell gear and merchandise for Men and Women. They have generated more than $1.11 billion in sales in the USA alone.

4. Staples(Canada)


Staples is one of the largest retail chains in North America with a revenue of $14 billion. In 2018, Staples split into three wings through its private equity acquisitions. One of the wings is Staples Canada, it sells business and home-office supplies. They started their eCommerce store on Opencart. But due to issues in customer and demand management, they moved to Shopify Plus.

5. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a cosmetics company founded by model and celebrity Kylie Jenner. Kylie Cosmetics has a wild following and reputation like no other cosmetics brand in the USA. Reports say that the products could sell out within minutes. It attracts a staggering volume of traffic every day, and Shopify handles it with ease. Kylie Cosmetics dealt with over 200K visitors who stormed the online store at the same time in 2016. It is one of Shopify's largest product releases in eCommerce history.

6. Skims 


Skims is a shapewear and clothing brand owned by celebrity Kim Kardashian.  With a market value of $3.2 billion, it is 3x times bigger than Kylie Cosmetics. In 2021, the US Olympics team wore Skims Athleisure during the Tokyo Olympics. The Shopify-powered Skims store is the go-to place for Women as they sell products of all sizes. This is something that most clothing brands don't offer. Wall Street Journal Magazine awarded Brand Innovator of the year to Kim Kardashian in 2021.

7. Beardbrand  


Beardbrand is one of the popular brands to start using Shopify. Founder Eric Bandholz founded Beardbrand to bring bearded men together as a community. Beardbrand grew more than a community, it has a Shopify store that sells beard utilities. With a revenue of $10M, Beardbrand is a prime example of how Shopify can change an idea into a profitable venture.

8. Allbirds 


Allbirds is a popular clothing bird that focuses on sustainability. With a revenue of $1 billion, they stand unique to other clothing birds. Allbirds is one of the earliest brands to focus on the environment. They have a sustainable production system. This is why there are only limited products in the market. Despite these limitations, they reached the billion mark within two years of their inception. Allbirds sells its products exclusively on Shopify Plus. Shopify also allowed them to be an omnichannel retailer. 

9. Sephora 


Sephora is a french beauty and cosmetics brand with customers all around the world. They sell more than 3000 beauty products like skincare, nail polish, fragrance, lip gloss, eyebrow care, and body care.  Sephora generates $10 million in revenue through its Shopify store. They sell beauty products from other brands along with their private cosmetics line.

10. The Economist 


The Economist is a well-known British newspaper and media outlet. It generated $300M by selling printed dairies, calendars, notebooks, and pens. What makes it special is that no other news outlet has a digital presence like Economist. And that's why their Shopify store became a huge success during the pandemic.

11. Leesa


Leesa is one of the most popular and leading mattress manufacturers in the world. They have manufactured many award-winning mattresses. David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein co-founded Leesa. They built their own custom website only to find a huge volume of software bugs. Then they chose Shopify Plus as their eCommerce platform and generated $150 million in revenue.  

12. Lindt 


Lindt is a well-known chocolate manufacturer that had a bad run during the pandemic. They had to close all their stores due to the lockdown. But they built an eCommerce store using Shopify Plus within 3 days and sold all the chocolates. The Shopify store is running and generating millions in revenue. The pandemic led to a new chapter for Lindt, and Shopify Plus made it happen.

13. Holland-Cooper

Holland cooper

Holland Copper is a popular luxury clothing website that has a unique customer base. It has a wide range of luxury outerwear and apparel made in Great Britain. Customers say Holland Copper's tailoring is one of the finest they've seen. Holland Copper wanted an eCommerce store that was easily customizable. So, they migrated from Magento to Shopify Plus.

14. Chubbies 


Chubbies is a popular clothing brand based out in the USA. Shorts were the primary focus for Chubbies. But now they've expanded their wardrobe. Chubbies is one of the most versatile and interesting eCommerce stores you'll see, thanks to Shopify. Its ease of use and intuitive interface will show the robustness of Shopify. Despite having the website filled with images, the website runs as smoothly as silk. It shows how super-powered Shopify can be.

15. Steve Madden

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is a popular billion-dollar footwear brand with a revenue of $1.9 billion. Steve Madden had their custom-built eCommerce site powered by Oracle. But they migrated to Shopify to meet their growing demand. Also, another reason for this migration is to increase mobile conversions. Shopify made it possible by letting them build a mobile app. Today, they say 70% of their eCommerce sales come from Mobile. 

16. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion and apparel brand founded by Rebecca and Uri Minkoff. They're known for their designer handbags, footwear, and apparel. Rebecca Minkoff uses 3D and Augmented reality in their Shopify store to increase customer experience. Customers get an immersive experience and actually see how the product will look on them.

17. Fitbit 


Fitbit is a consumer electronics and wellness firm in the United States. It is well-known for its wearables, activity trackers, and pedometers. Fitbit migrated to Shopify Plus due to the growing trend in smart wearables. It has become one of the go-to devices for working professionals and athletes. 

18. PepsiCo


We don't think PepsiCo needs any introduction. It is a multi-national food and beverage brand with a market value of $230 billion. You can find all their products in retail shops around the world. Due to the growing demand and to expand their customer base, they created two eCommerce sites. PantryShop is one of the two and it uses Shopify Plus. It helped PepsiCo generate $2 billion in sales in 2019.

19. Tesla


Is it any wonder that one of the modern-day marvels like Tesla chose Shopify? Tesla has futuristic features and versatility, and so does Shopify. That is why Elon Musk chose Shopify Plus to power his eCommerce store. They sell accessories for vehicles. Women's and men's clothing through the Tesla online store. Also, caps, toys, and car components are available online.

20. Decathlon 


Decathlon is the IKEA of Sports accessories and adventure gear. The incredible growth of the brand is not a stroke of luck. They have a retail store in almost every country across seven continents. Decathlon wanted to reach customers that didn't have access to their retail stores. So, with the help of Shopify, they built an eCommerce site that ships worldwide. With a market value of $11.4 billion, Decathlon is gearing up to take over the adventure world.

21. Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a designer clothing store owned by fashion designer Victoria Beckham. The brand has won many awards, like Brand of the year and Best Designer brand. The brand started up in 2008, and  Shopify Plus powers its eCommerce store. Victoria Beckham uses high-quality dynamic images and videos in their store. Shopify handles the load smoothly and increases brand engagement. 

22. David Beckham 

David Beckham

Eyewear is a popular brand owned by footballing icon David Beckham. Just like his wife Victoria Beckham's eCommerce store, Shopify Plus powers Eyewear by David Beckham. Shopify Plus has been the eCommerce partner ever since the beginning of the brand. And the brand expansion is also trusted on Shopify.

23. Los Angeles Lakers 

LA Lakers

Even the most successful and influential sports clubs in the world use Shopify Plus. LA Lakers store is an eCommerce outlet of the NBA club Los Angeles Lakers. The store sells office jerseys and other merchandise. They wanted their eCommerce store to be successful as the club and that's why they chose Shopify Plus to meet the demands.

24. Budweiser 


Even the king of beers has its eCommerce store powered by Shopify. Budweiser is a popular beverage brand that has been operating since the 1800s. To meet the demands, they started an eCommerce store to reach customers easily. The store sells both beers and merchandise. Budweiser has made over $11 billion in sales through the Shopify platform.

25. Fashionova 


If there is one brand that completely changed its popularity using Shopify, then it is Fashionnova. Like other brands, they didn't rely on over-the-top marketing and advertisements. They put their trust in referrals and word of mouth. Celebrity endorsements gave them a huge boost. Instagram influencers were talking about Fashinova jeans all the time. That's the brand grew, and their Shopify store hands all the traffic smoothly. Fashionnova is one of the most searched fashion stores and one of the biggest brands to use Shopify.

26. Morphe


Morphe is a renowned cosmetics company that caters mostly to makeup artists. Morphe's eCommerce business was a big success, earning more than $6 million in revenue. The Shopify-powered store is user-friendly and intuitive. And customers praise it for its efficient use of graphics. Their eye-catching graphic features and product photographs entice customers to buy the product.

27. Maverick 


One of the youngest brands on this list that use Shopify, Maverick is a clothing brand owned by YouTube star Logan Paul. The Shopify-powered eCommerce site launched in 2020. And it met instant success even during the pandemic era. It generated $40 million in revenue and made Logan Paul one of the youngest millionaires in the world.

28. Alo Yoga

Alo Yogaa

Alo is a clothing brand that sells Yogawear and accessories. Alo is one of the very few brands that solely focuses on Yogawear and hence attracts huge traffic. Thanks to their Shopify-powered eCommerce store, the brand meets customer demands easily. It is one of the popular Yogawear brands. Influential celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, etc., endorse them.

29. Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog is women's-only footwear, operating since the 1990s. It is one of the most popular shoe brands in the USA. Rocket Dog is popular for their eccentric and designer shoes. To meet their customer demands, they needed an eCommerce outlet, so they chose Shopify. Now Rocket Dog shoes can reach women across the US, UK, and Israel.

30. Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf

Lazy oaf is an iconic clothing brand based in London. It sells streetwear and apparel that rock the 90s fashion. This is why the store attracts a high volume of traffic. They needed a robust eCommerce platform to meet the demands, so they migrated from Magento to Shopify.

31. Australia Luxe Collective


Australia Luxe Collective is a designer footwear brand that originated in Melbourne, Australia. The eccentric style of footwear got worldwide attention, and now it has stores in US and UK. And it has now grown into a Shopify to expand its reach and revenue. They are one of the biggest brands that use Shopify. Thanks to celebrities like Megan Fox, Beyonce, and Britney spears, who wore Luxe's shoes, now its reach has amplified.

32. Skinnydip


Skinnydip is a fun and unique lifestyle brand based out in London. The brand is adored by Women of all ages for its quirky designs and products. From mobile cases to clothing, gifts, bags, etc., it is the ultimate one-stop shop for women. And that is why they chose Shopify so it can handle the daily traffic. 

33. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The most influential pop singer Taylor Swift decided to go with Shopify for her store. The eCommerce store is a one-stop shop for Taylor Swift products. From her music CDs and vinyl CDs to t-shirts and hoodies, the store has it all. She has a huge fan following, and the store is always hot with traffic. But Shopify handles the demand and satisfies her fans pretty well.

34. BBC Shop


British Broadcasting Channel's 100-year-old broadcasting history has gained them a loyal fanbase. To satisfy their fans, they build an eCommerce store using M1. But due to an overwhelming response, they had to switch to Shopify Plus from M1. You can buy merchandise, books, clothing, jewelry, and other apparel in the BBC shop.

35. Vogue 


Vogue is one of the pioneers of fashion and beauty magazines. It is one of the best-selling fashion magazines of all time. Vogue's fan following and cultural impact don't need any introduction. They wanted their customers to engage with them even better. So they launched their Shopify store, which sells apparel, books, and designer clothing.

36. Good American 

Good american

Good American is a fast-growing clothing brand co-founded by celebrity Khloe Kardashian. This is the third brand from the Kardashian family on this list. Good American has instant success, generating $1 million in sales on its opening day. Thanks to Shopify for making it possible and for holding it together. Good American still generates millions in revenue. And now, with automation, they're expecting double returns by the year's end.

37. Bombas 


Bombas is a well-known clothing brand that sells high-quality socks, underwear, t-shirts & more. They are known for their philanthropy and referral programs. Bombas has generated $237 million in revenue. And they have donated $50 million to the underprivileged. Bombas gained popularity when they appeared on the American reality TV show Shark Tank. The website, which was running on Magento, crashed while filming Shark Tank. So they switched to Shopify Plus for better scalability.

38. Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in recent times. It is adored by gaming communities around the world and it has a wild fan following. Minecraft built its eCommerce store on Shopify to meet its customer needs. The store sells Minecraft-themed clothing and accessories. Thanks to Shopify, the store has one of the finest UI and delivers a unique customer experience.

39. Adele


Regarded as one of the influential British singers of the 2010S, Adele's merch shop is run on Shopify Plus. Adele wanted an eCommerce platform that could handle immense traffic. This was one of the reasons to chose Shopify. The best thing about Adele Shop is that her fans can order her merch and collect them during her concert tour. The store has a highly functional, easy-to-use interface.

40. Simba 


This is the second mattress brand on this list that use Shopify. Simba has the most 5-start rating mattresses around the world. Simba is now selling in 35 countries, thanks to its Shopify. They went up and above to capture their audience. They analyzed sleep patterns in many countries and built stores specific to each country. This was only possible due to Shopify Plus. And that's why Simba has the most highly-rated mattresses in the world, with a revenue of $80 million.

41. US Polo Assn

US Polo Assn

There are no strangers to US Polo Assn. Everyone has heard of the brand, and that's why it is one of the most popular clothing brands worldwide. Though it embarked as a brand in 1980, its roots date back to the 1800s. Know for its minimalistic design and distinguished look; US Polo Assn has a wild fan following of its own.

They wanted a platform that can manage the huge volume of traffic every day and so they went with Shopify. US Polo Assn generated a revenue of around $200 million in 2021. Their sales didn't drop even during the pandemic, it shows the brand's credibility.

42. Penguin Books

Penguin books

Probably the only bookstore on this list. Penguin books is an iconic publication in England. They publish both fiction and non-fiction books around the globe. Some of their popular books include The Lord of the Rings, Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, etc. Their reputation attracts a huge volume of traffic to their store every day and thanks to Shopify for managing it. Not just books, you can purchase stationery, prints, mugs, etc., in their Shopify store. 

43. WP Standard

WP Standard

WP Standard is a leather accessories store built on Shopify. For their unique design, they received Shopify's Design Award in 2013. WP Standard received a huge boost after the award, and its sales skyrocketed. The brand proved how quickly you can achieve eCommerce success with great design. WP Standard proved that sometimes being minimalistic is all we need. 

44. Crate & Barrel Singapore

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Singapore saw the opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic and took it. The decor and furniture brand adapted and built an eCommerce store on Shopify to meet demand. Generating revenue of $1.9 billion, Crate & Barrel has high praise for Shopify Plus for making it happen. It has grown to be a pioneer for furniture eCommerce stores.

45. New York Times 

New York TImes

New York Times is an American Newspaper publication with worldwide subscribers and a fan following. To multiply their fan base, they started selling official merchandise in retail stores. But to reach more customers, they partnered up with Shopify and built a successful eCommerce store. The store sells gifts, books, toys, apparel and more. 

46. Paul Mccartney 

Paul Mccartney

Paul Mccartney is an English songwriter and the bass guitarist of the popular musical band The Beatles. With a worldwide fan following, he is regarded as one of the greater rock and roll stars of all time. And he chose Shopify Plus as the eCommerce partner to sell his merchandise. 

47. Miami Heat Store 

Miami Heat

Miami Heat is one of the most popular and richest basketball clubs in the world. Their eCommerce store is powered by Shopify, where fans can buy merchandise and more. It is one of the most followed basketball clubs worldwide. The website attracts a ton of traffic during the season and playoffs. Shopify handles traffic easily and helps the club meet its fan's demands every day.

48. Hasbro Pulse 

Hasbro pulse

Hasbro Pulse is an American multinational conglomerate company with a revenue of $6.42 billion. It is one of the iconic toy manufacturers and the brand behind characters like G.I.Joe and My Little Pony. Hasbro sells its well-known toys via Shopify Plus. And Shopify assists them by maintaining the technical aspect of things under control. Shopify supported the brand in dealing with traffic surges during fandom events.

49. Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson is a worldwide eyewear brand that uses Shopify. It sells everything from the newest frames and sunglasses to apparel, care kits, and eye exams. Credits to Shopify's dynamic structure and global capabilities. Bailey Nelson has grown into one of the top-selling Shopify shops over the past 7 years.

50. Black + Blum

Black Blum

And the final store on the list is Black + Blum. One of the unique brands in London that sell lunch accessories. Their lovely products, which range from stainless steel sandwich boxes and flasks to silverware and recipe booklets, are a fantastic fit for the platform's eCommerce framework. And thanks to Shopify for the wonderful website, which feels like butter when navigating.


Shopify is one of the most popular and fast-growing eCommerce platforms in the world. Despite being new, it stood head-to-head with some of the biggest players in the eCommerce market.

Experts say Shopify was one of the reasons for Magento's downfall. Ease of use, flexibility, and capability to handle huge volumes of traffic is one of the major growth reasons for Shopify. 

We know you were looking to find out who uses Shopify to see if it was a platform for startups or a platform for all kinds of businesses. That's why we listed some of the biggest websites that use Shopify. From Kylie Cosmetics to Tesla, Shopify has helped multiple brands tenfold their revenue and handle huge traffic surges with ease. 

Hope this helps with your decision, whether it is to build with Shopify or continue to grow with it. 

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