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Our customers and partners
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Our founding team

Gokul Muralidharan

Co-founder, CEO

Gokul combines business savvy and strong engineering skills as the CEO and Co-Founder of Argoid. Gokul worked at Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, Huawei, Honeywell in the past and has made fundamental contributions to Hadoop and Kafka.

Soundararajan Velu,


Serial entrepreneur and 3x start-up founder, Soundar is an IBM Hall-of-Famer and is known for his contributions to Data Engineering & Distributed Computing. He's frequently seen at panel discussions or giving keynotes at conferences by PayPal, Oracle, Hadoop, DigitalOcean, etc.

Chackaravarthy E


Equipped with deep engineering skills from his 10+ years in Data Engineering, Chackra is focused on building the best platform in distributed computing and ML. Chackra has also made fundamental contributions to Mapreduce, YARN, HDFS. Blueshift, Slider, Streamsets!

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What our customers and partners say about us
Apparel & Fashion

They did a good job with the intelligence created for recommendation on product description page. The results were at par with the targets.

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Apparel & Fashion

They did a good job with the intelligence created for recommendation on product description page. The results were at par with the targets.


Argoid helps in a big way, it helps you retarget. It helps the customer to see what they want to see. So the bounce rate on our back end of the website goes down and the conversion rate goes higher. contribution of Argoid to my side I think is close to 17 to 18 % of the revenue currently, which is way too high and way and way too good.

Natural Herbal Health Care Supplements

Great app. Quick and easy to set up, integrates perfectly with our theme. The easiest way to display alternative products, related products, trending products, and best selling products on the website and we've had absolutely no issues. Keep up the great work guys :)

Rohin Mittal
Co-founder, AdYogi

Argoid has enabled some of our e-commerce clients with AI-driven product recommendations and boosted the conversion rates within 2-weeks of deployment. Happy to be partnered with Argoid

Anish Khandelwal
Co-Founder and CTO, Mitron TV

AI-based personalization has been a game changer for Mitron TV; Identifying when to nudge the user was equally important as what(content). Argoid’s AI-powered personalization engine made all the difference for all our user retargeting campaigns

Abhishek Tiwari
CRM Manager, Azadea Group LLC

Argoid enabled us to serve 1-to-1 personalized product recommendations to our consumers with its differentiated AI -technology. We are happy with the team and their commitment towards our businesses

Shreejesh Nair
Brand Head, Rare Rabbit

Argoid’s powerful AI-driven recommendation engine boosted our sales by 39% for the pages where the product recommendations were enabled. We are very happy to partner with Argoid on our conversion rate optimization journey

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