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Email Recommendations

Stitch unique personalized e-mail recommendation for each user at the right moment!

Get rid of email templates; send 1:1 personalized emails to your users at scale.

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Increase email conversions with personalized product recommendations and make the most of email personalization

Triggers emails with personalized eCommerce recommendations to each user at the right moment to improve email conversions, retention and reduce churn.

Personalized Email

Deliver product recommendations in email to each shopper based on their historical interactions, similar user behavior, and product popularity that are custom tailored for each shopper at the time of email open.

Product Recommendations

Embed personalized product recommendations in rails such as “You may also like”, and “Trending” for each shopper to boost email conversions and sales.

Abandoned Cart Recommendations

Engage your shoppers by recommending right products at the right moment based on their recent cart abandonments and user preferences to improve sales with email product recommendations.

Out-of-stock Recommendations

Recommend similar products to the products that went out-of-stock which are of shoppers interest with high purchase intent.

Wishlist Recommendations

Remind your shoppers at the right time about the changes on their wishlisted products.

Cross-Sell & Upsell

Generate complementary product recommendations through personalized emails thereby increasing average order value and repeat purchase rate.

Personalized Campaigns & Triggers

Get rid of email templates, group targeting, rule-based triggers to bring back shoppers to your e-commerce store with email personalization


Enable hyper-personalized email campaigns with unique content and eCommerce recommendations for each shopper.


Set automated triggers to send personalized emails for each shopper based on actions such as price drop, checkout abandonment or real-time user behavior.

Personalized Deals

Auto-suggest deals for shoppers based on the purchase intent, price affinity and preferences.

Real-time Personalization driving your top-line!

AI-driven product recommendations are no more a dream that is far from reality. Achieve the best KPIs and boost revenue like many other innovative E-commerce stores.

Increase engagement

Boost email CTR by 30% with personalized product recommendations in email

Increase revenue

With relevant product recommendations for abandoned carts or campaigns, boost the email conversions and sales

Increase average order value

With complementary product recommendations, increase the average order value (AOV) and repeat purchase rate

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