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Product Ranking

Make shopping inventive, personal and inspiring with personalized product discovery

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Boost your eCommerce ranking with personalized collections for each user

Create winning and unique experiences for customers using personalized content discovery. Secure customer loyalty with the most precise product ranking and the one-size-does-not-fit-all approach.

Personalized Product Ranking Engine

Argoid’s eCommerce product personalization engine uses advanced graphing techniques to showcase the most relevant products to each user in real-time

Personalized Product ranking

Argoid's brain has been specifically developed for brands to experience better eCommerce ranking. It’s trained to detect various visual patterns and automatically extract meaningful attributes from images or videos and implement product ranking based on 100’s of parameters.

Also called as Sort by Relevance, Sort by Recommended

Personalized Promotions

Argoid’s adaptive product ranking suite helps you realize higher profits by selling low volumes of hard-to-find items to many customers, instead of only selling large volumes of a reduced number of popular items. You can also customize promotions and configure inventory management rules to optimize overall profitability.

Personalized Product Ranking Pages

Create personalized product discovery with winning and unique listing, collections, category pages that are 1-1 personalized to each user
that adapts in real-time to any variable that impacts conversions.

Personalized product ribbon ranking

We learn on every click, hover and interaction a customer has with the webpage and products. Argoid offers eCommerce product personalization the various ribbons active on your site and personalizes them in near real-time.

Page Product Ranking

Argoid takes relevant landing pages that could result in abandonment and personalized product discovery for every user at scale.

Next Gen Technology driving unique eCommerce Ranking results

Make shopping personal, inventive, and inspiring again. Hyper personalized product ranking for every user for seamless shopping journeys.

Increase Product discovery & awareness

Argoid can leverage personalized product ranking for each of your customers in real-time thereby decreasing the average time to checkout by 8%

Increase conversion rate

Using AI and ML models trained on millions of data points, Argoid’s product ranking engine enables both prescriptive and adaptive personalization thereby increasing your conversions by 20-50%

Increase Basket size/AOV

Using live clickstream data from customers and details about the products deliver the right products with personalized content discovery

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