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Product Recommendations

Hyper-personalized product recommendations in real-time

Boost e-commerce conversion rates by 20% and reduce abandonment rates by 15% throughout the customer journey. You can achieve this through a powerful & proven AI-driven recommendation engine for achieving your best Conversion Rate Optimization.

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From landing page to post-checkout

Engage shoppers during their entire customer journey with hyper-personalized product recommendations on any page in real-time and boost sales like never before.

Home page recommendations

Reduce new user abandonment rates without the worry of cold-start problems and improve repeat user conversion rates right from the home page.

Recommended for you

Products across all categories are hyper-personalized for each shopper by Argoid which also adapts to the user's current intent in real-time. Also called “Top picks for you”, “You may also like”.

Improved conversions for new and repeat customers


Top trending products curated and personalized for each shopper based on preferences, location, gender, etc.

Improved conversions for new and repeat customers

Inspired by your shopping trends

Personalized products based on the past buying behavior, shopping frequency, repeat product purchases etc of the user.

Improved conversions for new and repeat customers

Product detail page recommendations

Most conversions happen in the product detail pages (PDP). Engage shoppers throughout their journey to showcase the most relevant products tailored to their interests and shopping behavior and increase PDP conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

Similar products

Products that are similar to the current product on display on the product detail page. Similarity driven by 30+ parameters like color, brand, category, size, similar user behavior, etc.

Increase in product detail page conversions by 50%

Products bought together

Products that are typically bought together by customers in the same order, driven by overall shoppers behavior.

Increase in average order value by 18%

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Personalized product recommendations tailored for each shopper based on their purchase intent and shopping behavior.

Increase in product detail page conversions

Cart & Checkout page recommendations

Increase average order value, in-cart and checkout conversions by enabling personalized product recommendations in-cart or checkout or post order pages.

In-cart recommendations

In-cart recommendations with complementary products related to items in the cart and also shopper’s purchase intent and previous shopping behavior of the user.

Average order value increase

Product bought together

Products that are typically bought together by customers in the same order, related to the items added to their cart and also based on typical shopper's behavior. Argoid enables this feature via in-cart recommendations or on the checkout page.

Average order value increase

Continue Shopping

Post checkout and order placement, “Continue Shopping” recommendations to ensure the shopper does not miss out on previously browsed items where a higher affinity to buy products existed. This is driven by the recent shopping behavior of the user.

Increase in conversions

Cross-sell & upsell recommendations

Understand what’s in the users cart and enable real time cross-sell and upsell recommendations based on several parameters like shopping behaviour, brand, type of product, similar customer behavior and more.

Decrease in checkout abandonment and increase in AOV

From first time users to loyal customers - driving measurable outcomes

AI-driven product recommendations are no more a dream that is far from reality. Achieve the best KPIs and boost revenue like many other innovative E-commerce stores.

1000% ROI

Argoid’s advanced and powerful recommendation engine enables product recommendations with unparalleled accuracies delivering unimaginable ROI

Increased conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization powered by AI reducing abandonment rate at all stages of the conversion funnel and increasing conversion rate typically by 20% in no time

No code, no configurations

Seamless integration with your Shopify/Shopify Plus store or other marketplace or any custom platform.

Measurable performance

Proof is in the pudding. Visualize the measurable outcome in conversion rates at different stages through sophisticated dashboards and A/B tests.

Understand how we do this

“Argoid’s powerful AI-driven recommendation engine boosted our sales by 39% for the pages where the product recommendations were enabled. We are very happy to partner with Argoid on our conversion rate optimization journey”

Shreejesh Nair
Brand Head, The House of Rare

“Argoid has enabled some of our e-commerce clients with AI-driven product recommendations and boosted the conversion rates within 2-weeks of deployment. Happy to be partnered with Argoid"

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Rohin Mittal
Co-founder, AdYogi
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