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Business Driven, Personalized Search for eCommerce

Argoid’s fast, accurate and AI-based search console can uplift customer retention with it’s hyper-relevant search results

Highly customised, tailored and precise search results at one click

There might be many new users visiting your website just to discover something new. Do you want to excite them with relevant information so that they stay, buy and convert to a customer?

Use Argoid’s AI search engine to match the customer intent in real-time to deliver personalized and accurate content to your customer and optimize conversion rates.

Absolute product search

Argoid’s WISER is a smart word-based search engine that offers perfect results to your customers every single time. Unlike other search engines, It understands the various word rankings and also the numerics like price, weight etc of your product match variations in the search string.

Smart word driven

Use Argoid Wiser for a smart word-based engine and not limited to keyword-based. Argoid’s powerful wiser recognizes word hierarchies like hypernyms, hyponyms, and meronyms of all the words in your product catalog to match the different variations you type in the search string.

Numerically wiser

Argoid is very precise with numbers . The wiser search gives immediate results for comparison searches on price, weight etc like equals, not equals, and so on with symbols or words. For eg: If you are searching for a belt less than $10, it quickly figures out all belts within $10 and displays the results.

Federated search option

Argoid doesn’t confine your search to a few options.  With Argoid’s wiser search, users can search for multiple options in a single query. For example, instead of simply searching for “Black Shirt '', the search can be more specific like “Black shirt Gucci”. 

Advanced Admin Console

Wiser search is tailored to perfection through the simple-to-use intuitive admin console. Experience real-time product discovery with zero downtime.

Insightful search

Argoid’s wiser search allows your users to see products they prefer in the first set of results on your product listing page. Offer a seamless user experience with relevant search results on all the product pages with Argoid.

Contextual Spell Checker

The Argoid wiser spell checker corrects misspelt words against standard dictionaries, with this even with misspelled words during search the user gets apt recommendations.For instance, let us consider “shirt” as a product Catalog for apparel business. Generally, the misspelled word “shert”  gets corrected to “short” whereas Argoid Wiser recognises it as “shirt

Inflections and collocations

Argoid’s wiser recognizes user search at every attribute level. If the user is using additional words for example negation (sleeveless, strapless)  and thresholds (light red, deep neck etc..), Argoid easily understands the customer specifications and recommends accordingly.

Context Aware

Argoid understands in real-time each user’s persona by identifying the location, shopping behavior, social media behavior, age, and various other details to display highly relevant products most suited to each individual.

Smart Ranking

Argoid wiser makes sure that when your customer searches for a product, wider and deep research of the user’s action is done and advanced algorithms are applied to improve rankings and conversions.

Control on Catalogue, Content, Dictionary

This feature of Argoid’s WISER search provides a seamless user experience by owning the control and managing of the catalogue and content. It provides the most relevant product catalogue and also the product description which keeps the customers hooked. The WISER also manages the dictionary and every aspect of the business.

Guide with AI-Autosuggest

Display wiser suggestions to your based on their search behaviour and product catalogue to enhance user experience

Predictive Query Suggestion (PQS)

Argoid’s WISER search has a unique feature of PQS. It is mainly based on the user’s previous searches. Argoid enables a user to make efficient searches based on predictions given based on the search history. It can provide the most relevant genres and types of products so that the user's job is easy and they come back for suggestions .

Suggest with Saved Queries (SSQ)

Use Argoid’s powerful recommendation engine to suggest users with curated queries on different seasonal clothes, different brands and materials that are most relevant and are most likely to convert. For example, ethnic wear, summer wear, western wear etc.

Trending and Top Search (TTS)

This search is mainly based on search behaviour and the assets that suggest the trending and popular queries to users. For example the most popular dresses, the most picked ones, current trends are displayed according to previous searches and popular search queries.

Uplift your business and boost your sales with Argoid

Get wiser by implementing Argoid’s WISER search capabilities to acquire new users and boost your sales.

Improve Click Through Rate

Argoid’s advanced and powerful recommendation engine enables unparalleled accuracy continually delivering phenomenal CTR

Increase conversion

Boost OTT conversion rate with the typo tolerant, NLP-driven Wiser search feature.

Decrease churn rate

Engage the eCommerce users with tailored, genre-specific product recommendations and witness a significant decline in the churn rate.

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Case Study
Ryan James
CEO, OTT Studio

Argoid is the game changer for programming our 14 FAST channels. We are excited for our new partnership with Argoid AI to streamline our content programming and bring better recommendations to our viewers.

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Ryan James
CEO, OTT Studio

Argoid is the game changer for programming our 14 FAST channels. We are excited for our new partnership with Argoid AI to streamline our content programming and bring better recommendations to our viewers.

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