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Shopify & Shopify Plus

Shopify Product Recommendation Engine

Drive 10X more revenue to your Shopify store

Argoid works on top of your existing Shopify/Shopify+ store to drive better user engagement via personalized recommendations

Argoid is now on Shopify!

Our customers and partners

Go from 0 to $100,000
in additional revenue

Argoid leverages billions of data points to provide the right kind of personalization to the right user at the right time

Actual metrics from one of our customers
Actual metrics from one of our customer

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Success story

Increased revenue by $120K within one month of deploying Argoid into their system

Argoid works on top of your existing Shopify/Shopify + store to drive better user engagement via personalized recommendations

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Argoid filters data on multiple dimensions like user behavior, individual content performance, and other factors to serve personalized recommendations in real-time to enhance each user’s unique preferences leading to flawless customer experience thereby boosting conversion rates.

Similar Products

Recommend products that are similar to the current products being displayed in the product detail page. Similarity of the products are driven by various parameters like color, brand, category, size, similar user behavior, etc.

Style it with

The “Style it with recommendations'' suggests complementary clothes and accessories needed to style a particular product. Argoid’s advanced AI predicts products which are usually bought together by customers in the same order by analysing user behaviour in real-time.

Recommended for you

Personalized product recommendations tailored for each customer based on their purchase intent, shopping behavior and previous shopping experiences.

“Argoid’s powerful AI-driven product recommendation engine boosted our sales by 39% for the pages where the product recommendations were enabled. We are very happy to partner with Argoid on our conversion rate optimization journey”

Shreejesh Nair
Brand Head, Rare Rabbit

Argoid has enabled some of our e-commerce clients with AI-driven product recommendations and boosted the conversion rates within 2-weeks of deployment. Happy to be partnered with Argoid

Rohit Mittal Logo
Rohin Mittal
Co-founder, AdYogi
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Explore More

Decision-making simplified. Drive real results to your business

Make each customer’s experience unique and personalized with real-time learning, advanced intelligence, and the ability to predict what the user wants even before they want it.  

Get going in 2 weeks

Install Argoid’s advanced recommendation engine and get started with it within 2 weeks. Time is not a bar with Argoid

No effect on site speed

Argoid’s powerful recommendation engine doesn’t affect the speed of your Shopify store. All it does is boost the conversion rate of your store with timely, customized recommendations

GDPR compliant

Argoid’s services are completely GDPR compliant. We care for our customers and help them to grow their Shopify stores with 100% compliance support

Risk-free investment

Getting Argoid’s recommendation engine is a smart investment that is completely risk-free. Whether it is security or speed, you don’t have to make any compromises

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