Evergent is a company that provides customer management and monetization solutions. They offer a platform that enables service providers to swiftly onboard customers, retain them seamlessly, and grow their revenue perpetually. Evergent’s services are utilized by various industries, including media and entertainment, to manage customer lifecycles and monetization strategies

• Evergent was founded in 2007 by CEO, Vijay Sajja. With headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA and in the heart of Silicon Valley, Evergent has a presence across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

• Evergent supports 700M+ accounts globally. Evergent serves leading media and telecom companies, such as BBC, AT&T, Airtel, SingTel, T-Mobile, FOX, and Sony Entertainment Television.

• Clients operating across 180 countries.

What we Offer

The Evergent Integrated Revenue and Customer Management Platform provides fast, flexible subscriber management, revenue and billing management to help you:

• Deploy products and promotions in days

• Simplify the most complex monetization models

• Support multiple lines of business and geographies with a single platform

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