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Real-Time Hyper Personalized Content-based Recommendation system that

Reduce choice paralysis with a movie recommendation engine

Deliver personalized content, to the relevant users, at the right time, across all devices and save them from any dilemma with a movie recommendation system.

Home Page Recommendations

Understand how users are engaging with the content in real-time and personalize their experiences to increase engagement rate and retention rate.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, FAST, UGC, Music Videos

Similar Content Recommendations

Argoid content recommendation engine processes data on multiple dimensions like user behavior, individual content performance, and more to serve recommendations to hundreds of millions while appealing to each user’s unique preferences, leading to reduced churn and an increased LTV.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, FAST, UGC, Music Videos

"For You" Recommendations

Improve your customer engagement with Argoid’s unparalleled ability to provide recommended content to users in multiple dimensions with our top notch customer engagement platform.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, FAST, UGC, Music Videos

Context-aware personalized search

In the world of streaming video and hours of binge watch, personalized search is the new black. With the ability to think and understand like a Human, Argoid redefines the search-and-discovery experience with its content personalization engine. By applying machine learning models and computer vision, Argoid surfaces the best content recommendations in real-time to each individual user, based on their intent, viewing habits and preferences.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, FAST, UGC, Music Videos

Deliver notifications that matter to both you and your customer

Notifications help you build loyal relationships with your customers and keep them active within your platform by recommending the content they are most interested in. With Argoid manage your Tones and trigger automated messages based on a set of rules that you define.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, FAST, UGC, Music Videos
Case Study
Ryan James
CEO, OTT Studio

Argoid is the game changer for programming our 14 FAST channels. We are excited for our new partnership with Argoid AI to streamline our content programming and bring better recommendations to our viewers.

Increased Retention Rate

Drive real results to your business through media personalization. Make each customer’s experience unique and personalized with real-time learning, advanced intelligence, and the ability to predict what the user wants even before they want it.

  • Decrease churn rate
  • Increase user engagement rate
  • Increase LTV
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Technology designed around your unique needs

Real-time relevance

AI delivers product recommendations not just in real-time but also understands user’s watch intent in real-time and delivers most relevant recommendations.

100s of algorithms

Proven machine learning model catalog with cutting-edge algorithms from collaborative filtering to deep learning and natural language processing.

Seamless integration

API-driven architecture with 50+ predefined connectors enables seamless integration for data ingestion as well as serving recommendations.

100s of features

From user behavior events such as click, play, pause, to cast, sub-genre, feeding 100s of features to ML models for best accuracy.

Measurable ROI

Clear visibility of ROI from time to time with an uplift in session duration, completion rate, retention rate and conversions through intuitive dashboards.

Auto-data cleansing

Auto-cleansing of Electronic Program Guide(EPG) data and data enrichment through advanced knowledge graphs for understanding context correlation.

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