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Video Recommendation Engine

Unique Real-Time Hyper Personalized Content Recommendation Engine that

Our Adaptive engine intelligently showcases the most relevant videos to users, based on their current interaction with the platform.

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Reduce Choice paralysis

Engage audiences and increase retention by delivering personalized content suited to their viewing patterns. Response rates to our recommendations are three times higher on average than the industry standard.

Home page recommendations

Understand how users are engaging with the content in real-time and personalize their experiences to increase engagement and retention.

Recommended for you

Argoid's cutting-edge AI technology provides unparalleled accuracy in predicting consumer behavior. With AI embedded into your digital properties, you can provide personalized recommendations and generate insights about your users.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, UGC, Music Videos


Track and measure what is watched, shared, and discussed across the platform and user base. Customers can also search within all the metadata labels to find content that suits them.

Argoid solution works with VOD, Linear, UGC, Music Videos

Continue watching

Argoid helps your users pick up where they left off. The system ranks consumption based on behaviours and showcases content that the user wants to restart at the exact point where they stopped.

Similar content recommendations

Argoid processes data on multiple dimensions like user behaviour, individual content performance and more to serve recommendations to hundreds of millions while appealing to each user’s unique preferences leading to reduced churn and an increased LTV.

Similar content recommendations

Based on the users clickstream data, consumption information and various other metadata enable customers to discover highly relevant similar content in real-time.

Argoid offers Similar movies, Similar series, “You may also like” based on the current content genre

Because you watched recommendations

Imagine being able to predict your customers next exact move. Showcase highly relevant content to improve your user engagement.

Argoid offers: Personalized banners, ribbons, ordering of pages/tabs

Watch more recommendations

Using advanced ML models identify the content that is performing well, why it is performing well, and recommend highly relevant content to your users.

Argoid offers: Trending, Artist, etc

Contextual recommendations

Create stickiness for your platform by providing advanced recommendations based on famous days, current affairs & more.

Argoid offers: Famous day, Regional, personalized promotions, promote new shows, etc

"For You" recommendations

Improve your customer experience with Argoid’s unparalleled ability to provide recommended content to users in multiple dimensions

Recommend by Artist, Director, Language and more

More from Christopher Nolan, More from Keanu Reeves, Recommended thrillers and more.

Category-wise recommendations

Recommended for you in Thrillers, Best for you in new releases and more

& Many more ways to delight your users

Based on country (US, K drama, Indian etc), Suggestions for you, Gender related (women lead,LGBTQ), Movies based on books, Award winning and more

Decision-making simplified. Drive real results to your business

Make each customer’s experience unique and personalized with real-time learning, advanced intelligence, and the ability to predict what the user wants even before they want it.  

Higher retention rates

Increase your retention rates by 30% with the ability to personalize your customer’s journey at every single touchpoint

Decrease churn

No more dormant users. Predict with high probability users at risk and reduce churn by 10%

Increase user engagement

With unparalleled accuracy and relevance in predicting consumer behavior in real-time, boost the completion rate to 90%

Increase Customer satisfaction & LTV

By delivering highly contextual content, create customers for life and increase your LTV

Understand how we do this

“Argoid’s cutting-edge AI-driven video recommendations helped a top TikTok-like company to serve hyper-personalized video recommendations to its millions of user base and increase audience engagement significantly. The majority of users engaged with the recommended content at a whopping 90% completion rate”

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Shreejesh Nair
Brand Head, The House of Rare
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