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Faster, simpler and contextual search to engage OTT viewers

Argoid’s business-driven, advanced and AI-enabled search features can help your site drive higher conversions with hyper-personalized recommendations to every user from Day 0. 

Integrated, Federated and Wiser search at your fingertips

Are you struggling with converting browsers into subscribers? OTT conversion can be complicated and tedious. The best way to boost your conversion rate is through enabling a contextual, integrated and wiser search engine.

Business-centric Search

Use Argoid’s AI-driven, real-time, OTT recommendation engine and experience up to 30% growth in retention rate

Smart Ranking

Enable insightful analysis of users’ actions and employ advanced algorithms to improve rankings. The result? Faster conversions.

Advanced Admin Console

Tailor the search to perfection with the advanced admin console feature. Fine tune and enhance user discovery experience on live with zero downtime.

Integration on the fly

Leverage our rich set of adaptors to connect different sets of data sources, transform the data for an instant search

In-depth search

Switch to a deeper, wider, data-driven, contextual, business-specific search engine. It’s time to leave behind imprecise, generic search and embrace AI-Personalization.

Search with Edge

Looking to reduce drop-off rate and convert to binge user? Leverage Argoid’s automated, AI-driven and state-of-the-art recommendation system.

Numerically wiser

Argoid search displays perfect results for numeric searches like 'movies less than 200 mins' and so on. It can specify these searches in different categories like equals, not equal, greater than, less than with both symbols and words.

Contextual spell-checker

Can your recommendation engine correct misspelt words contextually and offer apt recommendations? Argoid’s powerful Wiser comes with an internal spell-checker that corrects each misspelled word against standard dictionaries analyzing the context. That means, viewers will get relevant recommendations despite typo error in the search query

Federated search option

Argoid doesn’t limit your search, ever! With Wiser search, users can combine more than one search option in a single query. For example, instead of simply searching for “Romantic movies”, they can search “Romantic movies starring Julia Roberts”.

Smart Word Driven

Unlike regular keyword-based search engines, Argoid Wiser is smart word based. That’s because Argoid understands the significance of different word hierarchies in your product catalog. Hence it becomes easier to match the strings within the search strings.

Guide with AI-Autosuggest

Display wiser suggestions to your viewers based on their search behaviour and product catalog to enhance user experience

Predictive Query Suggestion (PQS)

Argoid’s WISER search comes with the PQS feature. It enables efficient searches leveraging users’ previous search history. It can tailor the most relevant genres and shows for the users to keep them hooked. 

Suggest with Saved Queries (SSQ)

Use Argoid’s powerful recommendation engine to suggest curated queries on different movies, shows and genres, that are most relevant and are most likely to convert. For example, rom com movies, horror movies, comedy series and other search queries.

Trending and Top Search (TTS)

delight users with the trending videos on their previous search behavior and popular search queries.

Experience sensational growth with Argoid Wiser   

Embrace Argoid Wiser to achieve unmatched, seamless and prompt growth of your OTT platform.

Boost in retention

Retain existing users with an AI-Autosuggest, Contextual, wider and deeper Search Engine.

Increase in conversion

Boost OTT conversion rate with typo tolerant, NLP-driven Wiser search feature. 

Decline in churn rate

Engage OTT users with genre-specific video recommendations, and witness a significant decline in churn rate.

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