Azadea Group: winning with personalized email

Leading lifestyle trailer re-imagines its email marketing program, delivering fully personalized content and recommendations.

“Argoid enabled us to serve 1-to-1 personalized product recommendations to our consumers with its differentiated AI -technology. We are happy with the team and their commitment towards our businesses”


CRM Manager, Azadea Group LLC


Azadea Group, a leading retailer across the Middle East and Africa, represents many premiere international brands in Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Home Furnishing, Sporting Goods, Multimedia, and Beauty & Cosmetics. With the rise of other retail players in these industries, Azadea Group knew staying front-of-mind with customers required extra steps to make sure their marketing was strategic, personalized and relevant.

Azadea Group decided to integrate with Argoid’s powerful Personalization Engine to create email campaigns based on meaningful interactions users make on their site. The result is a highly curated experience for the user, as well as success in attaining key business objectives for the company.


Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels for driving sales and retention, if a company can manage a way to stand out. To continue generating the most ROI from their channel, Azadea Group decided to deeply connect its web and email experiences.

Their marketing team was looking to:

  • Incorporate meaningful website interactions into email campaigns
  • Tailor recommendations within the email based on the recipient’s product preferences
  • Ensure the email recommendations lead to higher conversions

Azadea Group’s integration with Argoid allows them to create the personalized, AI-powered email content that checks all of the boxes without the need for additional man power, site mapping or back-end development.


Argoid’s proprietary Personalization Engine creates targeted, personalized email experiences.

To help shoppers find the most relevant products, Azadea Group focused on a personalized email experience. To do this, Argoid incorporated Amazon-like recommendations into the retailer’s email campaigns across three countries. In each country, users were shown recommendations based on three different strategies: sharing similar products, cross-selling and messages featuring trending products. Since user behavior varies within markets, Argoid’s adaptive set of recommendation models automatically adjust recommendations based on predetermined KPIs.

Example of personalized product recommendations based on user browsing and purchasing behavior -

If the recipient returns to the site and browses different products after an email had been sent, Argoid’s AI recommendation models can adapt in real-time and reflect the shopper’s most recent behavior, as well as showcase the most relevant recommendations in the next email.

Post-purchase emails with tailored product recommendations result in re-engaged users

Post-purchase marketing emails contain essential information for shoppers, which results in higher open rates. Azadea Group was re-imagining the post-purchase email as an opportunity to continue their shopper’s marketing journey by taking advantage of the additional attention to their post-purchase messaging, but needed a way to increase click-throughs back to their site.

Argoid’s Personalization Engine recommends products based on what would be cross-sold with products in the shopper’s purchase history, resulting in increased exposure of Azadea Group’s broad product catalog. For example, if a shopper recently purchased a men’s shirt, Argoid can recommend similar shirts, pants and shorts of both same and different brands to maximize conversions.

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