Rare Rabbit enhances product discovery experience with personalization

Leading fashion retailer leverages Argoid’s personalization engine to power product details page (PDP)

“Argoid’s powerful AI-driven recommendation engine boosted our sales by 39% for the pages where the product recommendations were enabled. We are very happy to partner with Argoid on our conversion rate optimization journey”

Shreejesh Nair

Brand Head, Rare Rabbit


Rare Rabbit is a leading premium retailer of Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories. With an assortment of products wider than what they wished to stock in their brick and mortar stores, Rare Rabbit saw the potential to grow by expanding to eCommerce. As activity on the platform increased, Rare Rabbit decided to partner with Argoid to enhance the customer experience. Using Argoid’s Personalization Engine, the site now adapts to the buyer’s intent in real time, making useful recommendations that result in notable increases in revenue.


When the number of products increases for eCommerce retailers, an unfortunate issue often occurs - it can become difficult for the customer to find exactly what they’re interested in purchasing. Rare Rabbit found themselves in this position, and in need of support to provide:

  • Product recommendations based on the buying intent of the shopper
  • Product recommendations that could adapt to the shopper’s buying intent in real-time
  • Product recommendations that could offer both similar products as well as personalized suggestions

Rare Rabbit tapped Argoid to take on the challenge of pushing their eCommerce personalization efforts to the next level.


Personalized Recommendation Ribbon implemented to improve discovery

For Rare Rabbit, the top priority was to transform the product discovery experience for their shoppers. Due to frustration created by their vast assortment of product, potential shoppers were being converted into frustrated visitors - resulting in high site exit rates.

By partnering with Argoid, Rare Rabbit was able to add personalized recommendations informed by Argoid’s proprietary AI technology. 1st party data and customer behavior drives the AI to better understand what the user is looking for.

With this new informed, AI-driven recommendation ribbon in place, shoppers now easily browse, find, and purchase products based on their personal preferences.

Example of personalized recommendations for a shopper who browsed through printed shirts


“Similar Products” feed curated from customer’s selected product pages

With a vast product catalogue, Rare Rabbit found increasingly difficult to map similar products. The problem can prove to be costly: either upfront in manual mapping hours or website development hours if you take it on yourself, or on the back end in sales lost to competitors with easier-to-navigate marketplaces.

Rare Rabbit avoided these outcomes by implementing Argoid’s Personalization Engine, which uses advanced AI to retrieve additional products based on attributes from user-selected product detail pages. The Rare Rabbit eCommerce platform now easily &automatically recommends additional products based on similar product names, images and descriptions - without any additional front- or back-end efforts on their end.

Example of similar products recommendations for a shopper who is looking at a plain green shirt

Argoid’s Personalization Engine helps eCommerce managers and marketers increase revenue by personalizing each shopper’s experience across their website, mobile app and email communications. This advanced technology uses deep machine learning models built to recommend the most relevant products to the shopper.

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